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about focal 74



I'm Jorge Tinajero, photographer and founder of Focal74, in 2008 started my biggest dream , Work and live what most excites me in life : photography.


I am a photographer lover since childhood , like to capture more than images ... I prefer capture emotions, stories and put everything that I have learned until today to make every photo unique .


This is my vision of life, the commitment between two people and how I would remember the day of my wedding.


Over time I met other photographers who like to share this passion , and now I count on your friendship and support me in this studio.


I have always believed that everyone has a gift and believe this is ours, we will gladly share with you, if there is anything else that we can help to make your wedding better and is in our possibilities, just let us know.


Thank you very much for taking the time to view our work and having in mind us for the more important day in your life until now.


Regards, JT .


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San Miguel de Allende:  01 415 110 3082

Querétaro: 01 442 234 1580

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